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Greydaxx in a top hat with a cane. Strange.

Dakryn looking starry-eyed.

Solstice doing what she does best... getting drunk!

Our artist has a thing about drawing Dakryn like this...

Greydaxx's profile.

A little picture of Greydaxx with an expression you'll never see again...

A concept drawing for Greydaxx non-chibi.

A little picture of Nell looking befuddled.

The girl is uber-nice but don't get her pissed off...

"Excuse me? You have no wine? I don't think so."

Solstice being "pious"...hehe...
(pic 1)

Dakryn getting drunk...
(pic 2)

If this happens, the Apocolypse is coming...(pic 3)

Rudy looks like he could take on a dragon... woah...(pic 4)

Maybe I used too much Curry?
(pic 5 - last)

Solstice looking non-too-happy about something.

Who would win? Dakryn or Greydaxx?

A little sketch of Dakkryn and Rudy (sketches)

Greydaxx in a usual pose.

Another doodle of Greydaxx (he looks funny in this one)

A cute freaking out Dakryn with what looks like a "mini-me" hehe...

Dakryn and full body "mini-me" and a funky looking Nell (these are sketches people... ;)

Little piccie of Dakryn powering up (as if he was a Saiyan..hehe..).

A pic of everyone and... Doom. He's from another of the old artists' comics.

It's Nell...evil...

Greydaxx, Dakryn and Rudy looking really hot! (non-chibi!)

Poor Dakryn is always freaking out over something...hehe...

Dakryn drawn slightly different

Solstice caught with two bottles of liquor...wonder if she stole them.

Dakryn is just so cute!! Especially when he looks like he doesn't know what's going on.

Random pics of everyone (Doom included) and Solstice seems to be giving our artist a thumbs up on a cute guy that he drew.

Dakryn looks really mad in this one... another recap of "Elf Pudding?"

Dakryn's flying!!! (looks like it to me... he's probably just punching someone...)

Greydaxx looks confuzzled.

Greydaxx almost full body, damn that axe is BIG.

Greydaxx grinning, he can get more evil...woah...

Dakryn looks so purrrrtty here...I love Elves!!!

Solstice and Dakryn (sketch)

A little pic of Greydaxx's face.

A little pic of Greydaxx's head.

Dakryn w/ a big arm.

Dakryn looks so arrogant.

A picture of Dakryn's arm (non-chibi and detailed)

Got Squirrel?

Ever notice how most of the Nell pics are of her raging?

Nell (non-chibi) and Elora... I can't tell you who exactly she is until Arkkanys is over and done with... that'll be a while

My god...the world is crazy... and Rudy's drunk...


Solstice is all mad... "Hmph."

The conquest...

Look!! It's the first pic of Sylan!!

Anyone for a crappy Dakryn avatar?

Pretty topless Dakryn

Dakryn as a Christmas Elf

Dakryn's got a swollen head...literally

Wonky Greydaxx

One day, when I forced the artist to do the comic and I hadn't yet given him my Tekken Tag so he could play all night...

A pic of Solstice's face

A color pic of Solstice

The group sniggering, it was a rejected panel for a page

Comic for 1000 hits!

Solstice's new outfit

Nell's new outfit

Greydaxx's new outfit

Dakryn's new outfit

Rudy's new outfit

Comic for 5000 hits!

The original drawing of the creators...

The creators flipping out...

New Years comic

Nell torso

Greydaxx pissed off and looking weird

In answer to Greydaxx being voted most popular...

Old sketch of Nell

Grreydaxx pointing at Princess Leili on his head

Other old sketch of Nell

Another pic of Nell

A dream Rudy has

Rudy's nightmare...

Filler comic pg.1












Little sketch of Rudy

Torso shot of Rudy

Original crew: Original writer, inker and artist (they are no longer the same)

The "new owners" moving into our new place...