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I think this artist did a good job. Apparently, our artist did not. O_o

Thanks to Andy for this one. I told him to draw something, and this is the panel that came out.

My pathetic attempt at drawing the group. So I can't draw... oh well! ^-^

Nell, as done by our artist's good friend, Sergio. He does awesome work!

Dakryn-done by our inker, Roxy. I love the expression on his face!

Nell-done by our inker, Roxy... I think she came out cute!

Solstice-Also done by our inker. (Ignore the eyeball next to her, it was a drawing by our artist... some sketch he was doing).

Rudy-done by our inker. He came out looking really cute!

Nell done by Michael Right. Thanks Mike!!

Greydaxx done by his creator and our good friend, M. Carpenter.

Wee!! Thanks to Charles for this one!! It's a cute rendering of Solstice!

Fanart by Tranquil from Desperate Angels for this wonderful pic of the Arkkanys group!

Look! Another sucky picture by me!! Man, that one was bad! And it was on graph paper to boot!

Rudy drew himself!! (we think he looks like a super hero...)

We so love Sergio!! This gorgeous rendition of Greydaxx!!

Another one, of Dakryn this time, from Sergio! (Dakryn is so HOT! in this pic)

Sergio drew Solstice so pretty!!

Look! Rudy by Sergio too! Hehe.. (the first pic looked like Yoda...Rudy's so cute!)

Done by Heather as a set of 2, the other one is down there somewhere... I LOVE YOU HEATHER!!!! Visit her comic here at Fairy Trash.

Sylan and Klera done by me.

Done by the Andrea of Baby Gloop (soon to be on Keenspace). This was in the Christmas Contest we had. She won 3rd place.

I forgot the name of the artist!! I'm so sorry!! She won 2nd place.

Another contestant, Scott from The Elven. This one was 4th place.

Another entry. Done by William of Pillars of Faith. He won 1st place.

This one was by Charles!! LOVE YOU CHARLES!!

Heather, I love Heather too!! She so rocks and we are amazed that an artist of her calibur loves our comic!!!

The group done by me.

A wonderful modern rendition of Sylan and Klera done by Andrea!! I LOVE IT!!

For our Halloween contest: 1st place: Felix

For our Halloween contest: 2nd Place: Andrea (of Baby Gloop)

For our Halloween contest: 3rd place: Stephanie

For our Halloween contest: 4th Place: Matthew (Greydaxx)

For our Halloween contest: Honorable Mention: Charles

I LOVE CHARLES!!! as I've said before...hehe. I got this as a little surprise the other day from him. Thank you! I think Nell looks lovely here.

A pic done for Halloween by the inker. It's so cool!

A pic done for Halloween by the inker. It's so cool!

A random Halloween pic done by me,'s soo bad.

Easter comic from Charles.

Random fanart from Charles...can you tell he likes us?!

Fanart that I got long ago of Nell, just a small kinda badly scanned sketch. But still cute!