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Name: Solstice Webb
Race: Human
Age: 23
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 13-hey, none of your business!
Eyes: Sherry
Hair: Dark blonde
Class: Ranger
Description: Solstice is a ranger who's especially good at tracking... alcohol...and good looking men. Her favorite past times are drinking and having sex. She hits on anything that's good looking and male, and the treasure she longs to find is the "Never-Ending Wine Bottle". She is really curious so she never leaves a dead body unsearched or a room unopened. She usually speaks with innuendoes and is almost always thinkin' about sex. Solstice left home searching for handsome men, treasure, adventure... and did we mention sex?
Favorite Quote: "Heya, hotstuff! Looking for some action?" >hic<
Things to know: Solstice has no identifying marks that we know of...unless she's not telling us something. She has a mother and father who are famous in her hometown of Gesym. No siblings.


Name: Dakryn
Race: Gray Elf
Age: 130
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 150
Eyes: Amber
Hair: Silver
Class: Monk
Description: Dakryn's a monk with a slight sarcasm problem. He's a bit short tempered (only if somethine really pisses him off) and he can be awefully violent if provoked. Usually though, he can be counted on to be very observant and to make an important point. He's also been known to be a little oblivious when it comes to... ahem... but he's getting better. On the other hand, both women and certain men find him quite attractive (well, what do you expect, he's an Elf!). All in all, he's fairly normal with the occasional bit of nuttiness thrown in.
Favorite Quote: "Flying Kick!"
Things to know: Dakryn has no identifying marks on him. He has no family that he knows of. He was found and raised by monks in the Silent Hills and was there until he joined up with the group in Zangles Port. He's travelling to find inner and outer strength. He's a monk of the Order of the Yellow Rose.

Name: Ruderin Rundar ("Rudy" for short)
Race: Smurfnevelin
Age: 45
Height: 3'5"
Weight: 75
Eyes: Gray
Hair: None (bald, okay, 2 hairs...black)
Class: Cleric
Description: Ruderin (or Rudy) is a deep gnome cleric who came out into the world... and fell in with the wrong bunch. He's picked on by Dakryn and Greydaxx, but is very tolerant. He is a little spacey (all right, VERY spacey) but he's a very good person (er...gnome...yeah). He has a close relationship with his god, Pefore... and often gets beaten by Him. Rudy gets drunk easily and can say the silliest things sometimes. He's the adorable little goofball of the group and he takes good care of his companions... even when they're mean to him.
Favorite Quote: "Huh?"
Things to know: Rudy has no identifying marks on him, unless you consider being bald an identifying mark? He has a mother who lives in his hometown of Payton (actually the Sordid Mountains underground). His father was a well respected cleric and is deceased. Rudy went out in the world to do good like his father did.

Name: Ivy Nell Planetar
Race: Half-Elf
Age: 20
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 125
Eyes: Green-gray
Hair: Black
Class: Wanderer
Description: Ivy Nell (call her Nell, everyone does), is the "normal" one of the group. Overly friendly, she's the one who usually manages to keep everyone from killing each other. She's pretty much the voice of reason but because of her friendliness, she's got connections in the strangest places. She loves all her buddies, and thinks they're all insane (not that that's a bad thing by any means).
Favorite Quote: "I'm surrounded by psychos!"
Things to know: Nell has a vinelike marking on the left side of her face (covered by her hair). She doesn't know how it got there, it just appeared one day when she hit puberty. She has three older brothers and a mother and father. They have gone missing and Nell is going out to find any clues about their whereabouts.
He didn't fit in the box...

Name: Greydaxx
Race: Half-Orc
Age: 23
Height: 7'6"
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: Black
Class: Barbarian
Description: Greydaxx is a "kill it first and then kill it again" kinda guy. Not interested in much else except violence, he prides himself on his strength and his ugliness. Despite his general unfriendliness, the others like him and take his craziness in stride. Greydaxx's got a fondness for roasted squirrels (or raw meat, whatever comes in handy) and singing oldies. He likes any kind of gruesome looking weapon and... pets. Right now, he's looking for one...
Favorite Quote: "CAN I KILL IT?!"
Things to know: Greydaxx has black tatoos over both eyes and on his hands up to his forearms. His mother (human) was raped by an Orc and as far as Greydaxx is concerned, he has no parents. His mother is dead and his father was never heard from again, (not that Greydaxx would care if he came back with the blessings of the gods mind you). His only "family" is his mother's aunt who lives in Oakhurst. She was the only one that treated him like a person when he was younger. She never shunned him like everyone else did. He's been wandering for quite some time, always getting into trouble and always looking for some more new scars to add to his already large collection of them. He travels...to travel and kill and get money.

Name: Lenere
Race: appears Human
Age: appears 25
Height: 6'3"
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Light Brown
Class: Fighter
Description: Lenere is a mysterious guy that appeared one day out of the blue. He seems to genuinely love Solstice and because of that the others don't pry too much. He doesn't talk much about himself and is usually gone by morning, to Solstice's annoyance. He loves to drink as much as Solstice and yet doesn't seem to ever get drunk. He's got a cute smile, a nice ass and other very redeeming qualities... hehe.
Favorite Quote: "Um... sure."
Things to know: Nothing to be revealed at this time... keh keh keh.

Name: Sylan Ragnark
Race: half Light Elf, half Dark Elf
Age: 148
Height: 5'2"
Eyes: Light Red
Hair: White blonde
Class: Shadow Walker (rogue type)
Description: Sylan is a laid-back kind of Elf that's good at what he does and has fun while doing it. Despite being persecuted his whole life for being a "freak" (half & half), he keeps a cheerful perspective of life and likes to help people. He travels with the group occassionally and helps them out in a jam. Despite being 148, he's as playful as a child (and sometimes as flighty) and loves Klera no matter how much he complains. He's an excellent rogue and great friend, but don't cross him because he's master of the shadows and can do quite a bit of damage that way.
Favorite Quote: "Oh, uh, hi, Klera...I'll just go over here now."
Things to know: Sylan has no identifying marks other than his skin color. His mother was a Dark Elf and his father was a Light Elf. They're both deceased (they were kind of old when they had him) and he now lives with the other neutral and good Dark Elves in the Unicorn Forest along with some other half & half Elves as well as Light Elves. He has no siblings and has been travelling around Arkkanys and other places for quite some time now. He hasn't settled down with Klera yet because he's waiting for the right time to do it (how cute!).

Name: Klera
Race: Dark Elf (Drow)
Age: 140
Height: 5'3"
Eyes: Red
Hair: White
Class: Monk
Description: Klera has a scar on the back of her calf, but you can't see it unless she's not wearing boots. She loves wearing sexy outfits that show off her body because she's very proud of it. Her love for Sylan is beyond measure and so is her trust in him. No matter how long they're apart, she trusts him with all her life. She's got a keen wit and a harsh word for anyone messing with her or her friends or love but is always nice to people she first meets. She won't give second chances though (makes you wonder how Sylan's held on this long...). Her parents live in the Glass Hills (the catacombs) but don't speak of her. To them, she is an abomination to the family and should never have been born. They sent people to kill her about twenty years back and as far as they're concerned, she is dead (they obviously failed but her parents didn't think that the assassins had died without taking her with them).
Favorite Quote: "Sylan!"
Things to know: Klera is one of the only Drow to have ever been asked to join the Eternal Order (her Monk school).

Name: Alus
Race: Water Mephit (not Muppit!)
Age: ??
Height: 6"
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Bluish-gray
Class: Mephit (she's just what she is)
Description: Alus came upon the group while hiding out from her previous master, the great red dragon Arshladdon and started travelling with them for a bit. Right now, she's staying at the hot springs inside of Glass City's Church of Styles. She likes it there.
Favorite Quote: "MEPHIT!!"
Things to know: Alus can make her body liquid or solid at will and she drips when she wants to. :P