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2-10-05: On Sunday comes the new page, then next Sun. the page after. This time, it's for real. I know there have been lack of updates, it's more like I got the comic info. to R.C. about a week late, and then she got it back to me about a week add that to work almost every day, school on Mon. Wed. & Fri., M. Carpenter (Greydaxx) coming up for the weekend... and I've been a little busy when it comes to getting things back on the ball... Other than that, we're going to be at Megacon this year in case anyone cares... I'll be Seta Soujiro from Kenshin, R.C. will be Yumi (also from Kenshin) and my bf will be Shishio (duh, Kenshin). That's on Sat. on Sun. I'm probably going to be Fuuko from Flame of Recca if I can get her skirt worked out in time. Toodles!
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1-6-05: Haha... I win. I drew this all by mouse on Adobe. It's my rendition (sock puppet style) of Arkkanys's recap page. I suppose all comics after a time have to do one, especially if you're running a large/long series.
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1-2-05: Damnit... we have the worst luck ever!! My computer decided to get infected with spyware and not let me be able to upload files or go to my FTP... which sucked cuz there was no way to put up the comic on my computer. I couldn't put it up through R.C.'s computer cuz I had to get mine fixed (which took a week or so) and she couldn't get onto the internet at all without my comp. So, basically, this is on now because I just got my comp. back like yesterday and I had to upload every program that I had before on it, which included Adobe 8.0 and Dreamweaver 4.0 where I do the site itself. Pain in the ass! let me tell ya. So this will be up for a little bit till we get everything settled, shouldn't be too long. Just give us until next weekend, my mom is coming up to visit and R.C. is going down to visit her fam. so we're going to be swamped with things to do.
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